Facebook fanatic?

27 10 2009

Facebook fanatic? NOT. There are so many videos from around the globe that is looking at the opposite side of the facebook world. Facebook here in the Philippines is the current new social media trend. I mean in most of the things we do, whether it’d be a comm plan or a homework, we always include facebook as a suggested mean of communicating to our target audiences (most of the time it is the youth). Maybe it is not yet overrated for most people here but for some people from other countries it is.

Some people really don’t like facebook because of the overload of the different applications you can see there. Many fast paced countries don’t like facebook because it can be more of a distraction rather than be more of assistance to finish the work.

This video from youtube.com is one example of a testimonial by someone who has something to say about facebook.


Each social networking site has their own flaws. Maybe if their features were combined it’d be one of the best. Let’s wait and see if this would happen, besides new sites appear everyday one of these sites might be the next facebook or better 😀


Internet Population

27 10 2009

Who do you meet when you’re online? Haha. Actually, in my personal experience, I can’t say that I have met anyone new thru the internet. If “meeting someone” would mean seeing them face to face, then nobody new friend for me. I haven’t really tried joining chat rooms where you meet random people most of the time people with the same interest. However, if “meeting someone” means knowing somebody new disregarding the way you met him or her, well I know we have all met so many people thru the net. I personally view profiles of people I don’t know just out of curiosity. I add them to be my friend on social networking sites when I discover that I have met him or her before or if he or she is related to anyone I know. With all the people roaming around the net, you would definitely find people of every characteristic you might want to know.

However, there is still a certain danger when you think about the internet population. Not everyone is innocent in terms of crimes. There are many cases where there are identity theft and even scams that are directed thru the internet. People steal other people’s identity and use them when doing illegal things. Just imagine how bad the person, whose name had been stolen, would feel. There are many spam messages sent to people everyday some of them asking for your personal information or even asking for money. That is why there have been many alterations to providing the security of the internet users to at least decrease the number of crimes done thru the net.


Enough of all the bad stuff, there are also a lot of things to be thankful of when discovering the internet population. One thing it that it’s nice that celebrities and politicians themselves have their own sites or accounts in social networking site (as far as we know) like Katy Perry, Ellen DeGeneres, Anne Hathaway, or Pres. Barack Obama. Even if they are not the ones always using those accounts it would still have the same effect to people because it would bear their names. Fans follow their favourite artists and politicians by joining fan sites and fan groups found all over the internet. Another thing is the opportunity that it may open for you. Since you have the chance to be able to talk to people outside the country, it may open new doors to your improvement in life and as an individual. Also you are able to reconnect with former loves and former friends that you haven’t seen for so long. Aside from these benefits, the diversity of people who meet through the internet would help a person understand other cultures and relate to them as well. The internet population offers diversity mixed with both good and bad implications of the accessibility of the net.

It is never too late to learn how to use the internet

27 10 2009

“Better late than never” or “It is better to be late than to be absent (i don’t get why i included this quote??) :P”

I know that many seniors (including me) are doing their blogs right now to make up for those delayed blogs. But I am not gong to talk about that. 🙂 Instead I will share my sentiment and my thoughts to the idea of learning how to use technology and the internet even when you are 40+ years old. It is not too old considering the fact that many people are still healthy beyond this age. As I have observed with people surrounding me, there are so many older people using the internet.

I know some people who have their mommies, daddies, lola’s and lolo’s as friends in facebook. They even play the facebook applications beating younger people. It is a pretty amazing thing considering the fact that some of them have problems with their eyes already.

But not all people beyond the age of 40 or 50 have adapted to the thing called technology. Many are still hesitant into using these mediums of communicating with people. Now the particular technology that concerns me the most is their use of the social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Multiply, MySpace etc. Honestly speaking, my parents, some uncles and aunties are not interested with these social networking sites. Sometimes they think of it as a waste of time and a very effective distraction, which they do not want. Most older people also do not like using the internet because using the computer is becoming harder and more complicated for them. Their view is unlike the views of the majority of people who use the internet to its limit while some even abuse it because they get so much from it.

For me, it is never too late to learn the internet. If some people( like Lola Techie on television) can do it maybe everyone who has hesitation to try it can take the chance to learn it.

A month after Ondoy

27 10 2009

I won’t ever forget the not so common flooding in Faura a month ago. Orcom students were in schools “celebrating” the silver anniversary of the course. People were so worried about their families and themselves. Also that was the one time when people were so hungry already and they don’t know where to find anything proper to eat on school grounds because stores were already closed by the lunch time. Many had to settle with the snacks that they had. I was able to get home soaking myself in the rain and flood. Everyone in the area was anxious to get home.

In the lrt, i was surprised to see people calm and nobody was shouting or starting a fight. It was better than any normal day when you ride the lrt. Not that I want flood everyday to have the kind of attitude shown by many people that day.

As soon as I got home I started texting my friends to see if they were okay. And as soon as the internet was fixed I went online for more updates. The thing here was that the I had to go online rather than just watch the news for more news and updates. That’s one thing that makes the net so convenient for me. I don’t have to wait for the news to come to me but I can look for it thru the internet. Another thing that is good about it is the fact that there are a variety of news site that people can go to covering different news. I didn’t see any news about the flood in other parts of the metro through the news on tv so i relied on the net to get updates on the other places.

Another thing extra-ordinary about the net traffic that day was that people wasn’t using the traffic for unimportant reasons but for updating other people regarding what happened as well as seeking help through the internet. The online bayanihan was overwhelming. There were so many sites that were seeking donations to help out the victims of the typhoon. Not only celebrities and politicians were helping. More regular citizens helped in the process of saving lives and restoring what was damaged by the flood. Just minutes after the worst of the flood has happened there were already action by non-government organizations to help those in need. The number of people concerned would make you very proud of all the Filipinos. Their use of the net was necoming a medium not only for fun and information but for helping activities as well. During times like that when everyone else was panicking the internet was there, ready to use and reliable.

My take on the Social Media Release

27 10 2009

PR is everywhere, I can certainly attest to the fact that we need skills in public relations anytime. Even the news release in class was done new social media style. The smr (short for social media release) is one of the requirements in class. It was a combination of testing our skills in layout, writing, perception, relation to the stakeholders and more.

In making the social media release for class, we were tasked to interview stores (may it be big or small) and make them a social media release. In the process of making a social media release, one should never forget that he or she is writing for the different stakeholders of the company. So one of the critical factors in writing a news release is how you would relate it to the needs of people as well as how it would affect them. My social media release was about Brownies Unlimited wherein I interviewed one of the office heads.

Social Media release is already done by many organizations today. These are not only composed of big companies, you can also see start-up businesses doing the same thing. They should be taking the risk of doing a new social media release rather than the conventional if they don’t want to be left out by their competitors. Aside from the fact that it is easier to disseminate the news release thru the net, many people also prefer to look at their company sites so it helps to put news releases in their websites.

Also, in news releases in the net, the content and way of writing may/should be different (whatever the situation entails). The conventional way of putting news releases was when people write long about the situation and the actions of the company. But of course, in social media releases the content must be reader-friendly so that they would not get so bored reading the long long long paragraphs you make because at the end of the day they would still be more concerned with their situations as consumers and not about the company bragging what they have. Social media releases would really help the stakeholders and company if made well and right for the situation.

When you feel alone, just go to the internet.

22 09 2009

I am alone. Maybe not just all the time, but sometimes I really am alone. All of us experience the loneliness, the sadness, the isolation, the betrayal. . .

Well just like tonight/today, I feel lonely. 😦 I don’t have anyone with me, I don’t have TV because it had to be fixed. Good thing I have the internet and my trusty laptop to fall back on. I always check my mail before I go to sleep. It is sort of a habit already. May it be through the computer or my cellphone, I always take time to check my “social life” as some may say it. People would think how the internet is the key to their social life, well I prefer to call it cyber social life. :l (can’t think of anything better)

When people go to the internet they maintain their social life through social networking sites of other sites. They have their “me” time combined with work. Even in the workplace where social networking sites are banned, the employees still find ways in accessing them illegally (against the rules of the company). The social networking sites provide people a balance between work and play. Facebook is now becoming a place needed when people are looking for people or when one can handle some work. Like how school organizations use facebook as a site for the organization knowing that many of their members are there. Why stop when you know you can reach all, right?

Another thing why internet helps when one person is lonely is because it offers his or her the diverse topics or sites that he or she may look into. Whether you like most normal things to silliest one, the internet keeps you company when all people go to sleep. The internet gives you company and gives you comfort at the safety of your own home.

Viral Video Blog

22 09 2009

Mind your own noodles 😀

I know it’s late and everything to blog about it. Haha. Well it’s better late than never right?

Just want to share some of my sentiments on promoting the viral video. The video was so fun to make and I think Nash, Mina and James enjoyed eating spicy korean noodles.

The rule is that you cannot drink water while eating the noodles as fast as you can. After the shoot, I don’t think any of them drank water. :l After presenting the video in class where we had to watch it two times, we were tasked to promote the video and make it viral. (watch the video if you like) JUST CLICK ON THE TITLE

Mind your Own Noodles

Even if the internet offers us the advantage of reaching many people at once, it was hard to initiate the spread of the viral video. Many people viewed the link out of pure curiosity about what a viral video is (which helped a lot). When we thought of the concept of our viral video, we had our friends and families and friends of friends in mind. We thought of what would make them watch the viral video. Some of the reasons why family members watch the video was because of the part each one took, friends want to help you as well as look at what you’ve been doing this past century, and friends of friends sometimes view it because of curiosity. One comment of my friend caught my attention, he was asking if the link was safe. After I assured  him that that was done for school and not for anything else. I even proved to him that I was really Nancy. He explained and shared his experience about this video link that caused some of his files to disappear. Actually he wasn’t the only one that  asked me that question, four of my friends did.

So after that experience, I didn’t just give out links with titles. I gave a synopsis of what the video was all about. My groupmates and I also provided catchy titles everytime we posted the links and the short description. I appreciate the help of Caloocan High School students I knew from last semesters requirement (PR campaign). This activity gave every student of oc 152 a chance to reconnect with people from highschool and elementary. And it also gave students the wider idea of what the internet (social networking sites were widely used) can do to connect people.